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Selling For Cash Isn’t Your Only Option When You Inherit A Property In San Diego County…

Read on to discover what options you have, and what you need to take into account when inheriting a property from a family member.

Do You Need A Probate Lawyer?

In the state of California anyone who passes away with more than $150,000 in aggregated net assets that are NOT titled in a trust must go through the probate process.  This is a court proceeding designed to create “final accounting” upon death.

The probate process takes place in one of two instances in the state of California:

  1. The deceased passed away without ever having created a will or an estate plan, or a copy of the will cannot be located OR
  2. If the deceased passes away, even if they have a will, but they do not have a trust nor is their property held in a trust or

The second item is one that normally shocks most people who inherit a property in San Diego county!  Even if the deceased had a will, but the property wasn’t held in a trust, they must still go through the probate process!

Probate can be an expensive and time consuming (4-12+ months) process!  If you believe your property might have to go through probate, we can help answer any questions.  We are connected with a handful of San Diego’s top probate lawyers.  Depending on your situation and budget, we have a great referral for you.

The best part is that our network of probate lawyers never charge you an up-front fee!  They are only paid at the end of the probate, which is helpful during this trying time.

To find out if your property must go through probate, what your probate costs might be, or if you need a referral to a reputable San Diego probate lawyer who will not charge you an up-front fee to complete the probate, please complete the form above or call us today at 619-272-2115.

Your Options For Your Inherited Property

Selling the property to us for cash is just one of the many options for your inherited property.  Let’s review what your real options are, and the pros and cons of each one:

Keep The Property

If you have no need for the property, and you can afford to pay the mortgage (if there is one), the property taxes, the insurance, and the maintenance, then keeping the property is certainly an option.

If you do decide to keep the property you might even consider putting a tenant in the property to help offset some of the costs (such as taxes and insurance).  Of course, you’ll need to spend some money to get the property “rent ready” and then you’ll either need to self-manage the property, or hire a property manager.

PROS: possible income from the property, can delay the probate process (if applicable)

CONS: continued expenses such as taxes and insurance, not getting the equity out of the property to use for something else (a better investment?), spending money to get the property “rent ready”, cost of property management, etc.

List it with a Licensed Realtor

You can always hire a local, licensed realtor who can help you sell the property.  You’ll have to wait for a qualified buyer, hope they can qualify for a mortgage, and then see what they ask you to repair prior to closing the transaction.  In certain situations, you can net more by selling through a licensed realtor than you can by selling for a cash to an investor…but that extra money often comes with a price (such as having to spend money during the process, or the amount of time it can take to sell the property).

PROS: you can sometimes net more by hiring a realtor, you let the market tell you what the property is truly worth

CONS: realtor commission can be up to 6% of the purchase price, paying closing costs, dealing with demanding buyers who can request repairs be made, spending money to get the home “showable” (new paint, carpet, staging), buyers not being able to qualify for a loan, time on the market, after closing costs and commissions often ending up with the same amount of cash had you just sold to a private investor

Sell It Yourself (FSBO)

Some people prefer not to hire a realtor buy rather would try and sell the property on their own.

PROS: no realtor commissions to pay

CONS: complex paperwork, showing the home on your own, limited exposure to the marketplace, realtors who bring a qualified buyer will still expect a commission

What Should You Do With Your Inherited Property In San Diego?

Clearly you have a lot of options when you inherit a property, and we’ve outlined for you the main options that you have.  However, every single situation is unique!

We pride ourselves on telling you about all of the options for your particular situation.  While we can provide you with a quick, easy, cash sale of the property, we will also talk to you about the other solutions, and the pros and cons of each one.

No two situations are the same- the difference between selling a beautiful “turnkey” home that was recently remodeled, vs selling a neglected property that is in need of a complete renovation is huge!

If you want a fair offer, and more importantly, a free consultation on the property, and an introduction to a San Diego probate lawyer, then look no further.  Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation: 617-272-2115

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